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Walks to the former border of Austria-Hungary
4-5 hours walk to the ruins of the Rákoczi Castle (1626) and the Kontomac church (1782)

Visiting the sheepfold
A 4-5 hours program of walking or riding the horse and cart and witnessing the traditional making of the cheese and processing of the milk
Including tasting them

Rides with the horse and cart or the horse-sleigh on the lanes of Ghimes

Presentation of the traditional attire and of the local folk dances

We provide touristic guides to visiting the touristic attractions in the area:
The Red Lake, the Bicaz gorges, Saint Ana lake, Șumuleu Ciuc, the Harghita spas, the Tușnad spas or any other tourostic attraction in the country

Extreme sports
Paragliding in two
Rock climbing
Journeys on skis
Camping trips